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Now the Wangzhuan forums are springing up like bamboo shoots after the rain, and unity slays the dragon fighter. This is a good thing. The code shows that Wangzhuan has become more and more accepted and loved by everyone. Online earnimake money online on the netng should become one of the hot industries in the future. I think back then, the three online earning forums of Wangjia, E-Metal, and Earning Friends were the must-go places for people who are doing online earning. At that time, everyone’s thinking was much simpler than now, and they learned more about online earning knowledge in a down-to-earth manner. The problem will be discussed in the forum for a long time, and I have experienced it before, and I still miss that wonderful period of online earning.

For example, the previously popular "Cheng Guanxi, a crazy demon with a sister", looks exactly like Edison Chen. He opened a live broadcast room and played lol with a girl, and his fans increased by countless. For another example, "Betta Fish Sansao", "Sexiest Queen", etc., are all smash hits "Big V". They use various means to increase fans. With fans, they can consider making money. .

5. It is the key task of sales to arouse the desire of customers who are interested to learn more about the product and arouse the strong curiosity of customers who lack interest. To do this, you must first have an in-depth understanding of the product, accurately memorize the necessary data, and be able to respond well at any time, which is crucial.

The bidding ranking should be judged according to your marketing goals. Such as: doing foreign trade, foreign online earning, generally recommend to choose Google or other foreign search engines. If the sales target group is, then Baidu is certainly the best choice. The bidding ranking is almost the same as the SEO optimization method. It is easy to Taobao, but the bidding ranking is a ranking obtained by spending money. Therefore, there is a certain risk, magic music java, so it is very important to select keywords and bid prices for bidding rankings. If the bidding keywords are not close enough and the price is too high, it may be regarded as unsatisfactory sales performance and excessive advertising costs. Big. (Therefore, this method is effective quickly. But there is a certain risk, suitable for understanding the intermediate and expert operations related to bidding)

I gave him an example: For example, I designed a weight loss product by myself, which contained a weight loss product from Taobao. To publish a task, the content was required to be posted on such a forum: the number of registered people in the forum is more than 20,000, or the number of people online More than 1000, the post will not be deleted for 3 days, and a forum can only post one post, otherwise it will be regarded as invalid post.

Investment requires immediate return: For this type of person, it is a pity, because he does not understand the principles of planting seeds in spring and harvesting in autumn, not only doing SEO, I found that many people paid a little, and immediately demanded a return, even not yet Pay, just thinking about the future rewards. Some people ask me some questions about SEO. When they give me a direction, he actually asks you, how long will it take me to study? What can I do after I learn it? Can I get so many fans through promotion? When he make money online on the netdid it, he found it a little troublesome, and then said that this was not suitable for him. Many people laughed at the author for spending so much time writing content every day. Why? But I laughed that they couldn’t even write an article a day, and many people did it, but Que gave up easily because he didn’t get the return he wanted. I don’t know why so many people give up easily, but I know that giving up is a habit. Once you give up more times, it becomes a habit, a habit of losers!

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